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    crossfire in witcher 3


      Any news on  official fix for witcher 3 crossfire ?

      any update of work in progress would be nice  .

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          ** EDIT **


          Since posting this I decided to install and try the beta Arkham Knight 15.6 driver that was released.  I was running the Witcher 3 beta drivers, which although they helped with frame rate did not sufficiently tidy up crossfire flickering for me. I did a clean uninstall before hand too, this has resolved 95% of the flickering issues for me and the game is now running solidly at 60fps on two 7950s.  No flickering in doors any more, or on the armour or weaponry... minor scenery flickering present in certain conditions (directs of travel relative to the sun? unsure) More than playable with these drivers, have you tried them?


          I guess the takeway here is that the release notes address the pressing need for the release, but not all things that may be resolved by it.  Drivers are stable too in my experience, not fired up Arkham Knight yet, I'm happy with a playable Witcher 3 now! 


          One final edit, fired up Arkham Knight with settings as high as I can and it's OK, playably OK.  FPS unlocked it reached about 58 tops, FPS locked it stayed pretty much bang on 30 FPS and was smoother too; a bit less jitter and smoother frame times.  So that's a win for me at least, hope that helps you if you've not yet tried the newer drivers.




          It would be nice to get an update, I've just the last few minutes gone through another round of tweaking trying to fix the flickering.  Only to think I'd made significant progress, enter an inn and find out it was now much much worse indoors.  Back to defaults.. and sadly not playing this wonderful game. When crossfire works it's wonderful and a really cheap way to keep and old rig current, it's also breathed new life into old games for me.  But ye gods getting it to work on new games is ridiculously difficult, it should not be this way for the consumer, the developers and card manufacturers should have their cards laid out (so to speak) before we the customer get the games.  I've had problems with Witcher 3, Project Cars and now Arkham Knight.  Over the major games I've bought recently that means 100% of them have not worked at launch.  A sorry state of affairs, but I'm trying to be patient; this "rivalry" and battle of technology between AMD and NVidia serves no-one.  I really don't think it's in the best interests of any consumer, regardless of their graphics card of choice.

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            I really wish we had an answer for this. The game has been out for over a month, most of us have either finished the game or are nearing its end. There's no excuse for AMD to fail to make crossfire working for new titles, let alone fail to remedy the issue within a timely manner. The crossfire flickering is undermining a lot of epic scenes for me.


            My 290s are otherwise great, unbeatable performance for the price but I hate coming here and seeing so much negativity leveraged at AMD in the forums. At the same time, I can't help but feel like they partially deserve some of the flak they get, and maybe even their market position as well.

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              I have 2x 7950 and without crossfire i can't really play this game at ultra. One card only give me like 25-30 fps at max settings. Please fix crossfire profile so i can enjoy this game at 50-60 fps ultra.