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Kaveri programming HSA OpenCL 2.0

Question asked by glupescu on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by jedwards

I have an AMD CPU Kaveri A10 7850K (CPU 4C + GPU 8C) with 6GB RAM installed and a discrete GPU alonside R7 265 2GB.

I've installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on the system and then the HSA kernel and runtime [1].

I've got the sample working on HSA and from what I understand in order to use OpenCL with the HSA I have to compile the CL code into BRIG/HSA [2].

Looking at the schematics of the software stack describing HSA I don't understand where the GPU driver actually fits in [3]. I mean I can use the GPU in a HSA program without the amdgpu kernel module ? Or is it already installed ? How do OpenCL commands translate into this picture [3] ?


I installed AMD APP SDK 3.0 beta, compiled the provided samples and ofc tried to run them. I get no valid platform/device found.

I then turned to install the fglrx driver from stable or updates - that crashed the X server and I had to remove them. I tried to run OpenCL while they were installed but again received errors no platform/device found.


So to summarize the questions are:

1. Where does the GPU driver fit in the picture [3] from both HSA and OpenCL point of view ?

2. Does the amdkfd control both CPU and GPU ? Who for instance controls the device init and clocks ? Who builds the GPU command queue and sends commands to the GPU ?

3. Can't I use OpenCL and HSA at the same time ? If so what is the proper/working configuration to do this ?

4. Is OpenCL 2.0 supported at the GPU level and if yes in what software configuration (driver, app sdk etc...) ?

5. Is there a place that summarizes all of the configurations aside from wiki/forum/release notes ? There is a lot of information and configurations and you can easily mess things up.

6. Aside from Kaveri A10 7850 have the other CPUs been tested ? For instance on A10 7850 I get "The maximum queue size is 131072." What will I get on A6 7400K ?






[1] HSAFoundation/HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD · GitHub

[2] HSAFoundation/CLOC · GitHub

[3] File:Linux AMD graphics stack.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia