Incorrect Fan Speed Reporting

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If this is not the correct place to report bugs, please let me know, thanks.




I have a HD 7950 6gb vapor-x card. I haven't been pc gaming for a while but recently when I got back into it noticed that the card would be extremely loud. I have updated all the drivers but to no effect. Currently running 14.12 Omega drivers


I've tracked the problem down to be the following:


Both fans on the card are in working condition but they just wont turn on. When they do turn on its very very rare for the 2nd one to turn on, but occasionally it will. By that I mean if I start messing with custom fan settings in the saphire utility TriXX and only while I'm messing with it the 2nd fan will turn on it seems; if I go into a game just one of the fans will be in use. Most of the time the entire card will happily just sit there heating up and not turn on at all.


Both trixx and catalyst control will report the WRONG state of the fans. For example visually checking the fans are clearly OFF, open hardware monitor also reports them as OFF, catalysis Performance > Overdrive reports speed as 66% and saphire's utility triXX also reports speed as 66% (which is nonsense, they ARE OFF).


It seems that the fans dont actually turn on unless its close to 100%, and even then only one of them wants to turn on in actual gameplay. The big issue with that is that when they turn on at 100% its 3600 rpm so more or less a vacoom cleaner level of noise.


Here is a screenshot:


I had the case open and checked the fans visually when tacking the screenshot. This seems to be a software problem. Please ignore the max reported in Open Hardware Monitor, I've reseted them several times; it gets way hotter.


I should also point out that this affects Custom in triXX/catalyist as well; anything other then more or less 90-100% is essentially fans are OFF; a lot of the settings will also be just "1 fan is running" which is annoying since while playing with trixx (the only program that seems to be able to trigger both fans to run) when both fans are running the temperature of the card takes a very huge dive to 40 and lower, so its definitely not ideal in any way for 1 fan to be running!


I've submitted an issue to saphire as well; but this seems to be mostly a horrendous driver bug.


Any workarounds would be appreciated.