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Catalyst driver instalation

Question asked by decoi on Jun 27, 2015

For some reason when installing catalyst drivers for my msi 290. They refuse to be installed on my main hard drive which is an ssd. Infact it doent want to be installed on any of the ssds i have. It will only install on the normal hdd that i only use for storage. Also this problem persists even after using the driver uninstaller software thingy.


Secondly. For some reason gta 5 crashes when using dx11 after less than two mins of play time and works fine under dx10.1.

Also why you no mantle everything that has been released recently.


Thirdly please for the love of sweet baby jesus fix the EU/AU pricing. Literaly everyone Apart from US gets shafted. I guess ita not entirely up to you but seriously. I mean i would understand it costing a bit more. But literaly 200 usd more in Europe.


Also any explanation on the amd benches for the fury x vs independent reviews