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    CPU coolers


      Just for curiosity and information for people looking, what CPU are you running and also what cooler are you running. How well does that cooler do for you at stock and overclocking?

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          I've used a few coolers on FX CPU's and APU's
          these are the ones i've used in combination so far (max core temp for me is 70c, max safe limits for temps on FX CPU's is 72c)



          FX-8150 and a AMD FX branded Asetek CLC: Did very well at stock and managed a nice daily overclock of 4.6Ghz with it while staying under max temps at all times.


          FX-6300 and a 125w Stock Cooler (the one with heatpipes): great at stock settings and managed a nice overclock of 4.5Ghz daily.


          FX-8350 and Corsair H100i: Brilliant at stock (would you expect any different?) and got a nice overclock of 5.0Ghz in winter and 4.8Ghz in summer (Australian weather for you there)


          FX-8350 and CM Hyper 212X: At stock this did better than i expected, never went over 45c on my test bench with a normal fan profile and i even managed 4.6Ghz stable while staying under 50c (with the stock fan running at full speed ) but you could manage 4.4-4.6Ghz depending on CPU's.


          FX-9590 + H100i: The H100i did very well at stock, temps were hanging around the 55c mark under heavy gaming load and i could get 5.0Ghz out of it but only just (that 9590 was a bit of a pig).


          FX-9590 and Custom Water: Well......I'm using 2 x XSPC EX240 rads and a XSPC Raystorm CPU block atm and temps are never and issue locked at 5.0Ghz and when i'm messing around i can take it to 5.3Ghz for benchmarking. at stock my load temps never exceed 40c except in summer in which case they hang around 50c (hot summers).


          A10-7850k and CM Seidon 120XL: At stock i can actually run the APU passive without a fan on the radiator and just nudge 60c or so, overclocking i can manage a nice 4.5Ghz overclock on the CPU cores and a 1000/1200Mhz GPU core/memory clock while the temps go to a max of 70c.


          I have a CM Nepton 240M on the way i'm going to try out on my FX-8350 and the A10-7850k so i'll report back with how it goes


          Hope that gives someone some insight


          I said i'd post back with the Nepton 240M results and here's my review on it: http://www.performancepsu.com/cooler-master-nepton-240m-review/


          Long story short with the stock fan profile it managed 4.8Ghz (just) and with the fans bumped up it managed 4.8Ghz very comfortably

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            I'm using an FX 8350 and have two cooling solutions that I use.


            1.  Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo, and stock it stays in low 40s under load and overclocked to 4.5 it gets to the mid 50s, I did however break 5ghz on it (5ghz on air - Album on Imgur )


            2.  I prefer my custom 360 rad setup that lets me run at 5.1ghz mid 50s under load.


            My wife's 860k is getting the Hyper 212 evo, but the same custom loop on her 860k never went over mid 40's at 4.8ghz with massive (1.6v) voltage running through it

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              I would love to do a really good custom loop but I don't have the patients for that and wouldn't want to pay someone to do it.  I remember there was this computer that came into the shop and had an awesome custom loop. The guy working on it said guess what CPU is in it. It was a single core Celeron  and this was during the core2 days.  Just had to laugh

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                FX-8350 at 4.51GHz - Coolermaster Seidon M with dual 120mm Coolermaster TurboFlow's in push/pull.


                FX-8350 at stock speed - Coolermaster Gemin II S524 with single 120mm Coolermaster TurboFlow.


                FX-8320E at stock speed - Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo with dual 120mm Coolermaster SickleFlow's in push/pull.

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                  Im using a CoolerMaster Evo 212 heatsink on my AMD FX8350. I havent overlocked it yet, but with full CPU usage, it can run about 42-45 Fahrenheit.

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                    I use XSPC Raystorm 240mm x 130 x 56mm custom water cooler. I have not tried any extreme OC's, but my FX8320 @ 4.2ghz has a hard time getting past 40c. This is my first shot at custom loop, and I have no plans on going back...


                    Ordered mine from: Performance PCs Home Page     They ship quickly, respond to question quickly, and have good prices. What more can you ask for.

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                      -A10-6800K - 5.1GHz with CM Hyper212Evo. (I could probably push it further, but this was just a quick OC on my HTPC using Asus's AISuite)

                      -Phenom II 945 at stock clocks barely exceeds +10°C under full load with CM Hyper 212Evo. Overclocked to 3.5GHz, the 945 can reach +15°C... I have yet to find a temperature limit, since I can't adjust the multiplier on this locked CPU, but that's a work-in-progress.


                      -FX-9370 hit 65°C using Corsair H80i at stock speed, 212Evo brought it down to 60°C. (note: the H80i required *constant* cleaning, as the slightest hint of dust sent the temps soaring to emergency shutdown). I consider this case an exception, since it turns out there is something wrong with the motherboard or CPU (RMA pending).