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    15.6 AMD Software Suite Has Stopped Responding


      Hello everyone, I have recently attempted to install 15.6 beta drivers for Windows 7 64-bit, however when the extractor is copying files over into the installer folder I receive an error stating the extractor has stopped responding.


      1. Laptop or desktop



      2. Operating system 

           Windows 7 64-bit Professional


      3. Processor

            AMD FX-8320


      4. Graphics card

           AMD R9 270


      5. Graphics driver version



      6. Ram/memory amount



      7. Power supply

      Corsair Bronze 700W


      8. Any overclocking?



      9. When this issue first appeared

      When attempting to install the new 15.16 beta drivers


      10. Steps you have tried to resolve this issue

      Uninstalled current AMD drivers

      Used DDU in safe mode to clean any left overs

      Ran the installer "amd-catalyst-15.6-beta-software-suite-win7-64bit-june22" as an Admin


      Thank you