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    AMD Catalyst Control Center ERROR


      First of all, sorry for my English.....I've got an annoying problem that is driving me crazy. Because the dedicated graphic card is much better than the integrated, I use Switchable Graphics Technology....but for some time a I've got a problem. I can't open Catalyst Control Center .....sometimes I've got the problem with mom.implementation. I tried to install the latest drivers for the graphics card and the latest net framework but no success. PLEASE found a solve....I can't play any game because all of them are lagging.

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          Please furnish the following information about your computer:


          1. Laptop or desktop

             (If laptop> manufacturer and exact model)


          2. Operating system  


          3. Processor


          4. Graphics card


          5. Graphics driver version

             (13.4, 14.2, 15.4, etc.)


          6. Ram/memory amount


          7. Power supply

             (manufacturer/brand and model/wattage)


          8. Any overclocking?


          9. When this issue first appeared


          10. Steps you have tried to resolve this issue


          ( Please, no DXdiag wall of information )