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    ASUS R9 390X crash the PC


      Hello Guys,

      i added to my Computer the new ASUS AMD R9 390X.


      My System:

      I7-4790K 4x 4.Ghz

      Asus ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO Gaming MB Intel Z97 So.1150 Dual Channel DDR3 ATX Retail

      16 GB DDR3 RAM

      128 GB SSD

      256 GB SSD

      2x 1 TB WD HDD

      1000W be Quiet Power


      Ingame the Graficard heats to ~ 80 °C at 60% Fan Speed, thats normal?!


      At least my Pc crashes every time when i demand the full power ....


      Sorry for my bad english..


      Greetings ,


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          Just to be clear, when you are playing a game , it crashes? And could you explain the crash? Its it a hard lock with looping sound? A blue screen? Kick to desktop? Does it crash when idling?  Does it crash under every game you play or specific ones?


          And yes 80C is normal for a 290x/390x. When gaming is concerned.


          If yes though my first thoughts for basic trouble shooting would to use something like driver fusion to clear out all previous driver installs (in safe mode only) then use the latest version located on AMD's home page.


          Although if you would not consider yourself an advanced use you could skip the driver fusion/ driver sweeper.

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            If you run into issues after trying to update your AMD drivers, try a 'clean install'.

            To perform a 'clean install' of AMD graphics drivers:

            Note: To be on the safe side, create a system restore point before doing any  of this.

            1. IMPORTANT: All Windows Updates should be current, including the 'optional/suggested' updates
            2. IMPORTANT: Disable all anti-virus/ad blockers/anti-malware/ anti-anything before trying to install
            3. IMPORTANT: Netframework is required and must be the latest version. (from Windows Update)


            Download these drivers to your desktop:

            AMD drivers


            Delete existing drivers from your computer:

            In computer control panel select 'uninstall a program'


            Select AMD install manager and choose 'express uninstall all AMD software'
            Including the install manager.



            Select AMD install manager and 'custom uninstall' the graphics drivers and CCC only.


            Reboot into 'safe mode'

            In safe mode run DDU uninstaller


            Install the new driver suite.


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              I actually ran into the same issue with my r9 390x from Asus yesterday. I was playing Diablo 3 on my main monitor and had mumble and YouTube going on my other. Both of my monitors went black but I could still hear my friends talking to me and audio was still going, and it stayed that way for about 3 minutes. It got back to the desktop but it was taking a long time for things to do anything and every click turned into a black screen for a minute. Even turning off my computer took 6 minutes on a complete black screen, no windows is shutting down screen at all. Gpu temp was at 82.


              I'm running windows 7 and a 1200 watt power supply.


              I was going to try and wipe the drivers and download them again when I get home from work but I've never have had that happen to me before. I was running a gtx 660 ti and that has been in my case for about a year.

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                If the crash is caused by a DX11 game then re-installing drivers will not fix the issue if on R9 300 series driver versions 15.15 and 15.20. There are several reports of dx11 client games crashing on r9 300 series drivers. Issue is confirmed to be driver related as the video card works perfectly at boot up and dx9 games have no issues.