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    FFXIV DX11 - Corrupted nameplates on CrossfireX




      I am seeing flickering and corrupted nameplates in the new Final Fantasy XIV DX 11 client when running with CrossFireX enabled.  I have attached a screenshot of the issue.  A nameplate can be temporarily fixed by moving the camera such that it is out of view, and then bringing it back into view.


      My setup:

      I have a 2x290 CrossfireX setup.  All Catalyst settings are set to default, except "Enable AMD CrossFireX for applications that have no associated application profile", which is required for Crossfire to function in the FFXIV DX11 client.  I have tested with 15.4, 15.5 and 15.6 drivers.  My dxdiag is attached.



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          Getting the same glitch on DX11 with my 295x2 in crossfire mode.

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            I am getting the exact same name plate errors as well running two R9 270X cards in crossfire. Was running 15.4, tried the updated beta driver and still getting the same issues.

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              The option to enable crossfire on applications with no associated profile means that the game, unfortunately, is not optimized as you can see with CF on. You can manually create the game profile within CCC under "3D App. Settings" >> "Add...".  When you do this, you will have to experiment with which settings of CF works best, and fixes your flickering or corruptions.

              For example, you can try AFR, Optimized 1x1 or try to find a similar game/engine in the predefined profiles available.

              AFR tend to give the highest FPS, but usually present visual problems.

              Optimized 1x1, might fix what AFR did but with a lower FPS.

              You can also try changing the AA and AF mode in that setting screen.

              This is going to be the hassle until a proper CF profile is released. Good luck, and let us know if you find out a good CF setting.

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                Just an update - this issue still exists with the 15.7 drivers.  I have tried Crossfire profiles from several different games, as well as AFR and Optimized 1x1, with no improvement.

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                  Having the same issue.


                  15.7 helped, but it is still happening.

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                    Try disabling morphological filtering in CCC; that got rid of 90% of the observable issues I had with dual 270X, and I feel really stupid for not thinking of that sooner @.@ Will let you know if I find anything else that helps. Been following this thread for a while now.

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                      Hovering over Morphological filtering says it only affects the desktop.

                      Am I missing something?

                      Majority of my settings are default.

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                          It actually is supposed to say "full-screen application" I think.

                          Morphological filtering is an AA layer that smooths the entire screen and

                          not just the 3D visuals (hence my initial complaint with the UI and other

                          2D elements looking "blurry"). Sadly after some extended tests with

                          tweaking settings I haven't made much more progress than that; the graphics

                          gradually become more corrupted if the program doesn't crash outright.

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                          I'm receiving the same issue with a Tri-Fire 290X setup; corrupted nameplates which can be corrected usually by "looking away and looking back" with the camera. I've switched to a single GPU by disabling Crossfire for now to help circumvent this problem, but that's sort of annoying the heck out of me since I've got two GPU's just hanging out doing nothing in the interim.


                          Problem persists across all the same driver versions you've mentioned, across all Crossfire profiles/modes I've tried so far (assuming the mode doesn't cause an outright crash, especially in 15.7) and when it -is- on, the performance does not scale nearly as well as it does in other titles, even other DX11 titles.

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                            I have a 7990, all stock. No overclocks, Only thing I do is set power limit to 20% and fan speed to 100%.

                            Core i5 4690k OC'd to 4.4GHz

                            All 4 cores sitting around 70-80% usage.


                            Today I noticed my FPS randomly dropping by around 50%. Tabbing out, the GPU is only running at half speed.

                            A reboot fixed, but it went back to that a few minutes in.

                            Thought I had this fixed, but as I was typing this the speed cut in half again. See details below.


                            I installed Remote System Monitor to view performance with game fullscreen.

                            First thing I noticed is a huge difference in temps.



                            Core voltage: 1.17

                            Running consistently around 97C. ( I think it's time to invest in water cooling...) CCC has shown low 90's since I got the card.

                            950MHz Core; dropped to 500, and keeps jumping back and forth. I assume the high temps, but since it may be related to the issue I thought i'd post here.

                            1500 Memory

                            Fan around 4030 RPM



                            Core voltage: 1.2

                            Staying around 77C.

                            1000MHz Core

                            1500 Memory

                            Fan around 4350 RPM


                            Popping off the side panel to see if I can get those temps down a bit.

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                              Not sure if this will help but so far got no nameplate bug running on R9 290x CrossFire.


                              Use AMD pre-defined profile -> CivilizationBE_DX11.exe


                              but only in full screen mode


                              Other setting I had is the following: (Don't think it matter but I post it up anyway)



                              Anti-Aliasing Mode                Enhance application settings

                              Anti-Aliasing Samples           Enhance application settings

                              Filter                                      Edge-detect

                              Anti-Aliasing Method             Supersampling

                              Morphological Filtering          Off


                              Texture Filtering


                              Anisotropic Filtering Mo...     Override application settings

                              Anisotropic Filtering Level    16x

                              Texture Filtering Quality        High quality

                              Surface Format Optimiza...   On


                              Frame Rate Control


                              Wait for Vertical Refresh       Always on

                              OpenGL Triple Buffering       On




                              Tessellation Mode                 AMD optimized

                              Maximum Tessellation L...    AMD optimized


                              AMD CrossFireX


                              Frame Pacing                       On

                              AMD CrossFireX Mode         Use AMD pre-defined profile


                              I don't claim that it will work for everyone but so far, it work for me. Still got more stuff to test and maybe there are better one than CivilizationBE_DX11.exe

                              If anyone found better one please share.

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