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R9 390 DD XFX Mouse problem

Question asked by bulfwye on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by mcfitch



i bought this card 2 days ago, and after installation with a new drivers. I got a major problem with my mouse. its 2x as big. Windows settings says its the lowest atm, but my card before this didnt have this problem. And when i play a game or go and browse the web, my mouse cursor changes. Its as if there is a glitch in the cursor.


The picture was taken with a camera and on a game. But it the same when i am not gaming but browsing a web or what ever.


I deleted the AMD Install folder etc. and reinstalled the drivers again that i downloaded from AMD Drivers page. ATM i am on driver: 15.15.1004-150619a-185674E


What can i do to make this go away ?


PS: The mouse cursor is like the size of a normal adult pinky on the screen. I am running on 1920 / 1080 atm. Connected to a HDMI cable.