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Horizontal Lines on 14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega driver update

Question asked by duspende_ on Jun 26, 2015

This is what I wrote to support a minute ago:

"I've been having problems with the recent screendrivers for my AMD card. I get horizontal flickering lines across my screen, and they persist. It starts with the Windows login screen. If I try to open programs or browse or anything that "alters" the image on the screen, it will give me a blue screen. Not BSOD, but just a light blue screen. I know it is a fault with your drivers, as I have been system restoring for three days now and trying different things. I installed all your drivers for my respective hardware, but only when I install the "AMD-Screendriver" do I get the problem, but I need it to get sound to my TV through my HDMI cable. I am not technologically impaired, and my mother has been assembled computers for decades, and we have narrowed the problem down to your drivers. It is not a hardware issue, as everything works splendid up until the point I install the latest driver. My card is Radeon HD 7xxx series PCIe and the processor is AMD FX 8120 Eight-core. I have googled the issue and I'm not the only one who has it, apparently, and even on your own forums there seems to be no response at all, and it's very very frustrating. A possible solution I found was to install the Beta drivers, but the Beta has to be installed after the newest release version, which I can't because if I try to do anything, I get the aforementioned light-blue screen. And the Beta driver also does not contain the HDMI sound drivers I need. I have attached all system information I possibly could with this inquiry. Thank you."


I am absolutely furious that people seem to be having this issue, even on these forums, and AMD doesn't seem to care or offer any sort of assistance.


Does anybody perhaps have a fix for this. I paid so much money for this machine, and I get this kind of issue. I've been trying to fix it for three days now, and I get more and more frustrated. The problem is NOT the hardware, it is the drivers.