No opencl in radeon r7 m265 (opencl unavailable)

Discussion created by ikmalhidayat on Jun 26, 2015

I have Acer branded amd powered laptop (which is actually my brother's one).

The spec (basic)

Windows 8.1 64bit

Amd a10-7300

Discrete Amd radeon r7 m265

4gb ddr3l 800 (really, a bad ram for a10)

1tb + 8gb ssd hybrid HDD (still new in this and want to set paging file to optimize the 8gb ssd)


Since this laptop is used for Photoshop cc at most (supposedly more faster  with opencl than Intel rival laptops at similar price), opencl function in the discrete GPU is really necessary.


But based on GPU-Z, openCL is not ticked (which is weird cuz this graphic must support opencl 2). I can still uses opencl from apu though cuz opencl and direct compute are ticked.


I've updated the drivers with auto update (which I think it will update apu and discrete graphic). But, after update, the opencl is still not available for r7 m265.



Need solution for this cuz, my brother keeps complaining about its sluggish and laggy performance in Photoshop cc

(I do suspect that the very slow ddr3 speed may be the culprit as well)

(I know that intel is better off for Photoshop, but, since apu has much more performance in opencl accelerated, I suggest my brother to buy this and is cheaper)