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Low Gpu usage -> low fps

Question asked by lucifer97 on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by iceman016021

Hello There,

I have a problem since quite a long time. It's very simple but I couldn't find any answer. In fact, in pretty much every games, I never get my gpus to be fully used and the most annoying thing is that the more my gpus should technically be used (more details, more effects,...) the less it's used, wich results in high fps drops. If anyone have any idea on how I could fix this VERY ANNOYING "bug", I would be very thankfull.


My Specs:

- Asus Maximus V Formula

- Intel i7 3770 OC @4.1Ghz

- 2x Radeon HD7850 in Crossfire

- Corsair 850W Power Supply

- 16Gb Ram @ 1333Mhz

- Windows 7 64bits