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AMD FirePro W5100 (FireGL V) driver crash

Question asked by rherling on Jun 25, 2015

My video card driver has been crashing sporadically since I received the machine.  The crash most frequently occurs when I am unlocking my workstation.  Many times I will get the task bar pop-up warning that states my video driver has crashed and that it was able to recover.  This typically results in all three monitors stalling and flickering for a short period.  However, on probably 6 occasions, I have received a BSOD with this error (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE) that forces a restart.  Also, on a few occasions, it will simple not provide a signal to any of the monitors at all, which forces me to hard boot the workstation.  I have stayed up to date with all the drivers as they come out and have even changed out a couple monitors to make sure the an old DVI connection to Display Port wasn't giving any issues.  Please advise.