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Documentation for Radeon 9600xt

Question asked by thecengizhan96 on Jun 25, 2015
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Dear Members,


at first thanks for looking my question.

I love it to do develop softwares and i started to develop for microcontrollers too(8051, avr). So i was interested if it would be able to connect my µC with a graphiccard. I found my answer but only one person could do it and it looks like it's working well so i think "yes it could be done". I started to searching my first graphiccard that i ever had and found it, it's a Radeon 9600xt from the ATI generation(i got too old ). Now i would need a documentation where i should be able to know where i have to solder wires to get a connections and also in my opinion the graphiccard board is using i2c so i would need the addresses of the parts. That would be the reason why i need the documentation for the graphiccard. I asked the support of amd which was reddirecting me to this developper community. So thanks for reading my little history and is it possible to get the documentation.


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