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Updated drivers, now my PC freezes each time I open a game

Question asked by ajl966 on Jun 26, 2015

After having problems with a game, I consulted the company for support, they told me to update my drivers.

After doing so, I restarted my PC, and opened the game. The screen froze and I noticed there was a piece of text saying 'turning on' in the top right.

I assumed that this meant I had to wait for maybe the drivers to 'turn on', however after 30-60 minutes there was no change, my mouse was unable to move and I couldn't use CTRL + ALT + DEL

I attempted to turn off my PC by the power button, this did not work. I had to switch off the plug at the wall completely for my PC to actually turn off.

This happens with EVERY game now, and has only happened since I updated my drivers. HELP?!?!