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      I need a VBIOS that supports UEFI GOP and UEFI CSM disabled for my HD5670 512MB GDDR5 PCIe from Sapphire.

      flash: PM25LV010

      bios P/N: 113-E152DP-018

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          I found this tool (v1) that worked for me to insert UEFI support into the original VBIOS!


          Asus EAH6450 Video BIOS UEFI GOP Upgrade (And GOP UEFI binary in .efi for many ATI cards) - Page 7 - Developers Corner -…

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              After a cold reboot the card is bricked. Atiflash and ati-win-flash both do not recognize the card being present in the system at all.


              Is there another way to overwrite the VBIOS back to original? I have made a backup of the rom of course.

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                  GV-R667D3-2GI/F1 bricked my his 6670 isilence 5,I unplug my his 6670 isilence 5,set UEFI to iGFX,plug my his 6670 isilence 5,Atiflash and ati-win-flash both do recognize the card being present in the system,I flashed it and it works.


                  G:\atiflash>AtiFlash -p -f 0 Turks.rom

                  Old SSID: 2557

                  New SSID: 2012

                  Old DeviceID: 6758

                  New DeviceID: 6758

                  Old Product Name: GV-R667D3-2GI/F1



                  New Product Name: TURKS XT 1G/128B DDR3 DLDVI-D/VGA/HDMI 800E/800M



                  Old BIOS Version:

                  New BIOS Version:

                  Flash type: M25P10/c

                  20000/20000h bytes programmed

                  20000/20000h bytes verified



                  Restart System To Complete VBIOS Update.

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                I tried to update the VBIOS on my Asus HD7950 because there was an update actually available for it. Once I tried the tool accepted that I had Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. However, the tool kept stating my I did not have a card which would support the update. I later found out the update was for Windows 8.1 Quick Boot. Well, after two days of trying and researching I found that Asus made a mistake on this card and others offering this update. My PC boots up super fast anyhow. So I don't really need it. And, the little dip switch on the HD7950 made no difference. I am happy I did not go for another flash tool. Because my card does NOT support the Quick Start feature anyhow. Just saying...

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                  AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)

                  Confirmed,this UEFI VBIOS works,but it does not boot when I am using Secure Boot restore UEFI BIOS settings to default

                  Confirmed,it does not accelerate in UEFI BIOS.