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    On Linux platform, how to select APU integrated GPU when descrete AMD Graphics cards are available?


      I installed the newest Linux driver 15.5 and found I cannot select graphics output by APU itself. It seems automatically select the first PCI-E device as default output.


      APU: A10-7870K (main board supports APU GPU)

      Devices: R9-295x2, HD 5870


      Before I installed 15.5 diver, I choosed APU graphics output as the default output in BIOS settings and installed CentOS 7 x64_64 and it works well.

      After I installed the driver, it changed to output on first PCI-E device.


      I tried "aticonfig --px-igpu" but it doesn't work.

      the result of "aticonfig --list-adapters" doesn't contain APU GPU, only PCI-E GPUs are seen. Why?


      Can anybody provide solutions to use APU integrated GPU again with official driver?