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On Linux platform, how to select APU integrated GPU when descrete AMD Graphics cards are available?

Question asked by mz24cn on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by mz24cn

I installed the newest Linux driver 15.5 and found I cannot select graphics output by APU itself. It seems automatically select the first PCI-E device as default output.


APU: A10-7870K (main board supports APU GPU)

Devices: R9-295x2, HD 5870


Before I installed 15.5 diver, I choosed APU graphics output as the default output in BIOS settings and installed CentOS 7 x64_64 and it works well.

After I installed the driver, it changed to output on first PCI-E device.


I tried "aticonfig --px-igpu" but it doesn't work.

the result of "aticonfig --list-adapters" doesn't contain APU GPU, only PCI-E GPUs are seen. Why?


Can anybody provide solutions to use APU integrated GPU again with official driver?