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    Windows 10, Omega 15.5, VSR enabled but can not select higher resolutions in Games


      Hello everybody,

      I already searched the internet but seems that I can not find help on this, so I will ask my question here


      So, basically I am using Windows 10 Insider Preview, I know hat the Omega 15.5 is not really the official driver for this OS, but I can install it and it works great so far.

      However, I am having some issues when it comes to VSR. I can enable the VSR tickbox on my R9 290X and I also see higher than native resolutions for my two monitors within the OS. One of them has a resolution of 1920x1200 and the other one has a 1680x1050, but on both I could use VSR up to 2560x1600 on the desktop.


      Now, In some games I am absolutely not able to chose the higher than native resolutions in the settings. It works ok on all Blizzard games, SC2, Diablo3, Hearthstone etc. But for the games I play most, it seems that I can only be able to select the native resolution of my screen. In Battlefield 3 I can not go higher than the native resolution and also not in Witcher 3. Same applies to Medal Of Honor Warfighter which I just installed to test and Max Payne 3.


      [Update: basically NO OTHER game than the Blizzard Games show different resolutions besides the native and lower resolutions. Why???]


      When I search through the internet, I see that people use VSR with these games which do not offer me the higher resolution, so something must be wrong here I assume. It also is strange that it works for some games, but not all.

      Any help is appreciated.




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