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help needed badly :(

Question asked by avaan69 on Jun 24, 2015
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Hello guys,

I purchased a few days ago r9 280x and upgraded my previous r7 250. Everything went smoothly and downloaded new omega catalyst drivers and installed them. Everything worked like a charm till i ℹwas stupid enough to go and click resolution change in system tray on ati catalyst... So, my monitor went blank screen and said resolution not supported. I waited for 10min hoping that it would change back to its previous resolution, like windows screen resolution does, but no change whatsoever came. Other than booting through safe mode in which catalyst doesn't work I can enter windows through built in gpu on motherboard, and switching it to primary, but catalyst still doesn't work. It says amd graphics card not installed or not working. I managed to delete and reinstall omega drivers and as still as soon as the graphics card and drivers are installed windows 7 boots and screen goes blank and I hear welcome logo on the sound.

Sorry for the long post,

Hope someone can help me,

Thank you in advance!