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    Next version of APP SDK


      Will it be APP SDK 3.0 Not Beta or APP SDK 3.1 Beta?

      I'd imagine with all the HSA and APU stuff the SDK software team at AMD must be pretty busy.

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          Hi Moozoo,

          As I've come to know, the next release will be APP SDK 3.0 GA.



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            I'm beginning a new project and want to make sure I do not paint myself into a corner so far as software availability/compatibility is concerned.  I have a couple specific questions for the new APP SDK which for clarity sake I will include in bullet format below.


            • What timeline should we expect APP SDK 3.0 to be release for GA?  December of 2014 was the lastest beta version.
            • Will SDK 3.0 GA support the new openCL 2.0 C++ bindings and openCL 2.0 bug fixes released this week at SIGGRAPH 2015?
            • Will DSK 3.0 GA support openCL 2.1? (doubtful, as it is still provisional but why not ask?)
            • Can I safely upgrade to Visual Studio 2015 or should I stay on Visual Studio 2013 for compatibility w/ SDK 2.9.1.  I do not want to use a beta SDK for production software development.




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                1) Release date is yet to be finalized so, can not specify any exact timeline. However, it is expected to be released in this quarter (may be later part).

                2) No. OpenCL 2.0 C++ bindings is not going to be supported in this version.

                3) No. OpenCL 2.1 is still provisional spec. and don't have any supported driver yet, so, this APP SDK version is not expected to support OpenCL 2.1.

                4) APP SDK 3.0 GA validation includes Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. VS 2015 support is not yet there. May be included in future releases.




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