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    15.5 screentearing




      Downloaded 15.5 couple of days ago, to optimize the Witcher 3. However, it gives me a lot of screentearing. In all games, even in youtube vids I get screentear. I am 100% sure this was not the case with previous drivers.


      Any word on this issue? I kind of feel like going back to the previous version...

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          Have you tried reinstalling the driver? which driver did you have before?

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              Just reinstalled. I'll reply back later to see if it helped. I was on latest 14 version, not sure which one exactly, but I'm sure it was the latest.

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                Welp. Still have the same issue. Became apparent right away that reinstalling did not help.


                Ah well, I'll just reroll and wait for 15.5 to leave beta... The Witcher 3 ran fine before anyway.

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                  Any reply is just going to be a guess, as the poster has not furnished any information at all. Windows 10 or Windows XP? Linux? Laptop or Desktop? HD 4870 or R9 290? Settings at Ultra or Minimum?




                  Please furnish the following information about your computer:


                  1. Laptop or desktop

                     (If laptop> manufacturer and exact model)


                  2. Operating system  


                  3. Processor


                  4. Graphics card


                  5. Graphics driver version

                     (13.4, 14.2, 15.4, etc.)


                  6. Ram/memory amount


                  7. Power supply

                     (manufacturer/brand and model/wattage)


                  8. Any overclocking?


                  9. When this issue first appeared


                  10. Steps you have tried to resolve this issue


                  ( Please, no DXdiag wall of information )

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                      Well, if ever I've seen a passive agressive reply. Anyways. It's the driver, I rolled back to 14.2 and the screentearing issues were gone. Answers:


                      1: Desktop


                      2: Windows 7 (64-bit)


                      3: AMD Phenom II X4 965


                      4: AMD Radeon HD 7870


                      5: Well that's sort of the point... It was fine on 14.2 and when I installed 15.5 beta screentearing started.


                      6: 8GB RAM


                      7: Cooler Master GX Lite 700W


                      8: No overclocking whatsoever.


                      9: See 5, first appeared when I installed 15.5 beta.


                      10: Roll back to 14.2 and reinstall 15.5: did not work. Roll back to 14.2 (not reinstalling 15.5): worked, issue is solved.


                      Settings: Maxed out every game.


                      That should do it.