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Perfomance issues after update

Question asked by cembos on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by theacclaimed

Hi all,


I have made an update for my mobile HD 7600m card.  At first i thought my laptop performed a lot better, smoother loading on the net, looking at pics and movies, etc.


However, when i started to play a game (Neverwinter) which i could play almost at full blast in graphics (the only thing i lowered was anti-aliasing), it stutters and slows down dramaticly in big group situations (a lot of npc/other players) or when al lot af action is happening in my screen.


Why? I mean, shouldn't an update improve performance?


I am asking u all for a fix. Or, if it is not available, how do i go back to the old situation? Cuz frankly, i am very disappointed by this.