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14.12 x64 gives me black screen.

Question asked by dexmaster on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by dexmaster

Now I recently updated my windows and my drivers  and after restart after Windows logo (before blue welcome screen) screen just goes black ad PC just goes quiet.


Win 7 Ultimate x64

Sapphire HD 6790 1GB


First I thought it was Win 7 update but when i reinstalled the windows clean no updates no nothing just installed 14.12 driver ,restart PC black screen.

The problem on top of all is I can not uninstall drivers from safe mode because U cant do that but I cant run Normal mode Windows because I get black screen and it just stands there.I tried using Beta driver but its lacking and doesn't work with Raptr for me.So the only solution is to reinstall Windows which is very time consuming job (very expensive for people who cant do that themselves) and its just not acceptable.

Is there any solution to this?