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Mounting Fury X Radiator in Silverstone RV02-E (case pics inside)

Question asked by darkserith on Jun 24, 2015

Hi guys, Please see my case below. I already have the AMD Fury X in hand (newer will-call pickup) but I haven't been able to play around with it because I am having a mounting dilemma. On the official Fury X manual (, it says on page 6, it says that : [u][b]"The radiator assembly must be mounted above the graphics card and in a location that has minimal impedance to air flow."[/b][/u] Now , I know what "above the graphics card" means in a conventional case. However, in my case, the motherboard is rotated at a 90 degree angle, so the graphics card would be mounted vertically instead of horizontally (see the PCI-E slots in the pic). I have two options: [b]1) I can mount the radiator in the  top 120mm exhaust vent (it's the top vent, a.k.a. where the silver fan grill is). However, note that, if you imagine the graphics card already in place, this would mean the radiator is to "the right side" of the GPU, instead of "on top". Would this be ok? 2) I have a bracket that was included with my case, that allows me to mount a radiator on top of the middle or right-most 180mm Air Penetrator fans on the bottom of the case (see pic). Would this be preferable?[/b] Overall, I wonder why AMD says to make sure that the radiator is on top of the GPU. Please let me know that, considering this requirement by AMD, which config, 1) or 2) you would do when mounting the radiator for the Fury X. Thanks! [img][/img]