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    Problem with artifacts on screen


      Hello, i got really big problem. I bought PC a year ago and everything (after changing power options in control panel, because got problems with "display driver stopped repsonding and has succesfuly recover") were working fine. Two weeks ago, i did a windows reinstall to keep my pc clean and then that circus begun. At first i only got freezes with standard "display driver stopped working..." but this time, changing power option didnt work. I checked many threads, searching for solutions but nothing solve my problem. Since last weekend, problems went even bigger because artifacts starts showing, even at windows "welcome" page and i have to reboot my pc.

      There are list of things i did since now and which not works:


      -changing gpu drivers - downgrading,upgrading, clean install etc etc

      -next clean install of windows (oddly this works for a day or two, but after that i got problems again)

      -All temperatures (cpu and gpu) are fine

      -checked if everything is correctly put in slots in motherboard

      -ran memtest, and after 2,5 hours got 8 passes, errors so i stopped

      -checked monitor on another computer



      What i didnt do  checked a gpu on another computer because my roommate got laptop so i dont have where to do it. And changing power limit to +50%, because now i cannot even get to windows properly and in safe mode i cannot launch CCC. Oh, and i didnt overclocking anything at all.



      My computer:

      Seagate 1 TB

      processor Intel Core i5-4570 3,2ghz

      motherboard msi B85-g43

      gpu msi R9 270x gaming 2gb

      ram hyperx 4gb

      power supply silentiumpc deus M1 550W



      Any help is welcome, yours faithfuly Szejd