Help! Is my GPU faulty?

Discussion created by michaelrwa on Jun 24, 2015
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I have quite a slew of problems going on right now and could use some help.


I had an


AMD A10 7850k

8gb of Radeon memory and an

MSI A88 e45 motherboard running Windows 8.1.

Everything was working fine.


I upgraded my GPU my power supply and my hard drive. 

XFX Radeon R9 290x 

Corsair AX860 

SSD is a Samsung Evo 850.


Other than that the rest of the build is the same. I'm having all kinds of problems.

-Sometimes my USB devices disconnect and reconnect.

-The audio on my audio interface stops working (a Scarlett Focusrite 18i20) probably happens when my USB devices disconnect for a sec.

-PC sometimes locks up completely. Ctrl Alt Delete doesn't even work.

-I get a display driver has stopped responding and has recovered error message.


Things I have tried:

- Latest motherboard chipset drivers both from MSI site and AMDs site.

- Used fresh install of windows 8.1 several times when trying different drivers. Also tried a driver cleaner

-Three different Catalyst drivers. (14.13 15.5 15.6)

- Tried both disabling and Setting to auto the iGPU in bios.

-Tried changing the power supply

-Checked to make sure things werent overheating. Happens when GPU and CPU are cool or running hot

-Tried turning off usb 3 support

-Tried disabling usb power savings settings

- Ran the windows hard drive and memory tests. No errors came up.


Anyone have any ideas what could be causing all this? I'm going to try reseating the gpu in a moment I'm running out of ideas. How can I tell the difference if it is just a driver/windows issue or if the GPU is faulty?