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    Help! Is my GPU faulty?


      I have quite a slew of problems going on right now and could use some help.


      I had an


      AMD A10 7850k

      8gb of Radeon memory and an

      MSI A88 e45 motherboard running Windows 8.1.

      Everything was working fine.


      I upgraded my GPU my power supply and my hard drive. 

      XFX Radeon R9 290x 

      Corsair AX860 

      SSD is a Samsung Evo 850.


      Other than that the rest of the build is the same. I'm having all kinds of problems.

      -Sometimes my USB devices disconnect and reconnect.

      -The audio on my audio interface stops working (a Scarlett Focusrite 18i20) probably happens when my USB devices disconnect for a sec.

      -PC sometimes locks up completely. Ctrl Alt Delete doesn't even work.

      -I get a display driver has stopped responding and has recovered error message.


      Things I have tried:

      - Latest motherboard chipset drivers both from MSI site and AMDs site.

      - Used fresh install of windows 8.1 several times when trying different drivers. Also tried a driver cleaner

      -Three different Catalyst drivers. (14.13 15.5 15.6)

      - Tried both disabling and Setting to auto the iGPU in bios.

      -Tried changing the power supply

      -Checked to make sure things werent overheating. Happens when GPU and CPU are cool or running hot

      -Tried turning off usb 3 support

      -Tried disabling usb power savings settings

      - Ran the windows hard drive and memory tests. No errors came up.


      Anyone have any ideas what could be causing all this? I'm going to try reseating the gpu in a moment I'm running out of ideas. How can I tell the difference if it is just a driver/windows issue or if the GPU is faulty?

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          If your PC keeps dropping and having to "reinstall" the drivers for hardware hooked up via USB. I'd replace the motherboard. Especially if you know those devices when hooked up to other PC's work just fine.


          The motherboard , and relevant controllers control USB connectivity. If that video card works in a different PC which I'm sure it will with your described symptoms I'd start there. RMA that board if you are on a fresh installation of windows.


          But if all you did was "upgrade" a few components and it started happening I'd recheck All the wiring and make sure nothing is loose. Because other then that about the only thing I could place blame on assuming all things equal would be the board at this point in time.

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            About the computer freezing and giving you a driver error, it happens with most gpu's (including my 270X) running the newer beta drivers...try switching to the stable 14.12 driver...AMD has to get their $hit together and release a new stable driver cause the beta drivers are TERRIBLE. Im stuck on 15.5 Because otherwise GTA 5 and Witcher 3 are unplayable.