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w7100 temperture issues

Question asked by misi on Jun 23, 2015

Hi All,


Recentley we upgraded our 2 media servers with 2 -2 w7100 firepro cards and replaced the old v7900.


We need to use 7 outputs in the same time so we tested the system.


We have asus p9 x79e ws and p9x79 sw motherboards and i3770 in both machines, 750 watt PSU, 8 and 16 gig of ram.


We send out 1920x1080 res videos/animations on each output and ideally it should run at least 30-40 FPS, but 50-60 would be the best.


During our first test we noticed that the temperature went up to 95c in less then 3-4 minutes, and the FPS was not consistent it dropped to 5-10 FPS.


Today we run further tests with 4k animation on 6 output, the max FPS was around 10 and the cards were running on 95c, so we stopped it.


We are running an another test and monitor the whole system. In the last 4 hours we noticed the following.


The peak temperature is 95c and it starts with a relatively good FPS, 30-40. In about every 5 minutes the temperature drops to 80 sometimes 74 then go back to 90-95. The Fps went down to 5-8, and randomly goes back to 30, but it drops quickly.


As far as I know, 80c is already a lot and we would like to use this cards for a while and not cook them in a year or so.


I would like to know what is the ideal temperture for this card under load, using all of the 4 outputs. Or 95c is normal with 4 outputs being used?


Also, this machines needs to have 4 u rack size, so we are sort of stuck with some server cases, which are not very extendible regarding fans and stuff. Water cooling is out of question as they sometimes travel to Asia, so they needs to be solid and very massive.


We are opened to suggestions and any advices regarding this matter, so please let us know if you would do something differently or if you have any guerilla cooling ideas.


Thank you in advance!