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Radeon HD 4600 issue with playing movies and videos

Question asked by meloven on Jun 23, 2015

I recently encountered an issue with my video card Radeon HD 4600.  I know it's old but it's what I have and has worked so far.  I have updated the drivers so I know that's not the issue but as of a couple days ago I can no longer play movies or play online games with this video card it just gives me an error code running the games and kicks me out with the exception of Blizzards Hearthstone for some reason probably because there is no movies or much graphics in it.  I have no issues playing any of my other games which require higher graphics for instance Skyrim (not online) but any Blizzard game I cannot play it logs me in but after a few seconds the games freeze up and kick me out.


I've uninstalled the Bliz products and Battlenet  and reinstalled them with no luck. 


If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know or am I up the creek and need to get a new video card?