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Radeon driver problem

Question asked by zidanecryse on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by kingfish


i've recently re-installed AMD install manager because i was missing catalyst control center (CCC) and other stuff too.

I have a laptop with a Radeon HD 7670m graphics card and i wanted to use CCC to switch some games to use this graphics card.

I downloaded the installer package from Dell, because I have a Dell inspiron 5520 and the downloads from amd page dont give me the CCC or install manager, it just offers me somekind of amd-catalyst-omega 14.12 which doesnt do a thing and on top of that if I do install the CCC along with the required drivers, my sony vegas always crashes on a startup so i cant even turn it on.


But there's another problem:

If i have installed all of the AMD catalyst, drivers and CCC, then the install manager installs an older version of my Radeon Hd 7670m, but when i go to device manager and try to update it, it says theres a newer version, but if i do update it through device manager then the catalyst control panel loses a lot of options, like "switchable graphics", "gaming" options and "video" options.


So my last question is, does CCC support newer versions of my driver or is there a different problem?


My laptop specs:

Windows 7-64bit ultimate

Graphics card: Radeon HD 7670m and built-in intel HD 4000

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5520