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Do I really need both an embedded Radeon R7 graphics card and a Amd Radeon R7 260X graphics card in the same PC?

Question asked by dbooth813 on Jun 23, 2015

I recently purchase a PC with a ASUS A88XM-A motherboard with a AMD FM2+ A10 HD7770K APU, with Radeon R7 HD7000 graphics processor 1GB ram. Have 16Gb physical Ram. the main purpose of the PC is for flight simulation. I have three monitors, one ACER 24" widescreen with DVI and a D-sub, and 2 ViewSonic 21" monitors, both with DVI and D-sub connections. I had all three monitors connected to the motherboard using a converter to connect one of the monitors to the HDMI connector on the motherboard. I was using 13.4 version driver set. my flight simulator is running off of Microsoft's FSX Accelerator and I am using  FX Booster 2013 to manage graphics. I also have Saitek panels connected to one seven port USB 2.0 hub using all seven ports. When was flying, especially when turning the graphics were jumpy, not smooth. also if I changed screens, change the configuration during flight, I would sometimes get a fatal error and FSX would restart, which starts me over in the flight and loses any changes I made during the flight. Also when taxing around the airport the runway lines would faid in and out. this is disappointing since I had FSX installed on a Dell laptop with an Intel (r) Core .5-3210M CPU dual core 2.5Ghz processor and Intel (r) HD 4000 graphic, only 8 Gb of physical memory and had no issues with FSX, graphics driver version 9.17.  I went to Frys Electronics where I bought the system and they recommended that I purchase a AMD Radeon R7 250X, they were out, so I bought the 260X with 2G of RAM. I had to upgrade the power supply from a 480W to a 600W because the existing power supply did not have the right connector for the 260X. I was also told that I could use both the embedded graphics card and the new card together using the AMD Dual graphics technology and CrossFire, but when I installed the new card, it disabled the embedded graphics card. When I did my test flight on the new grahics card the graphics were not a jumpy, 60% better, but I did get a blue screen memory allocation error once when I was attempting to flight a 757 and setting the GPS for a flight from Phoenix to Tucson. What to do? Did I really need to buy the standalone Radeon R7 260X graphics card? if so, can I make both the embedded and standalone Radeon R7 graphics work together. I want a smooth flying experience and I don't want to spend anymore money. If FSX will work on a Dell Laptop it should work on the "gaming" machine I purchased.