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Switchable graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD Radeon HD 7670M

Question asked by udyrcoven on Jun 23, 2015

Hello people , i have two graphic cards : a Intel HD Graphics 4000 and an AMD Radeon HD 7670M. I had windows 8 , then i updated it to windows 8.1. In some games , i couldnt play in full-screen , so i did an update for my amd radeon , when i restarted my pc , blue screen with video_tdr_failure (atikmpag.sys). I've taken back my windows 8.1 by recovering , and when i download the intel hd graphics 4000 driver , it writes me : This computer doesn't have the minimal configuration to execute this software. And when i try to download my amd driver from here or from (i've got an hp pavilion g6-2304ek) , the installation crashes , black screen then blue screen , i can't play video game and i'm very bored. Can you please help me ?