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Triple monitor r9 390

Question asked by bilrexmer on Jun 23, 2015
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I am going to change my HD6870 to a new R9 390, but I have a doubt, because I seen 2 differents models, one with 2 DVIs and other with just 1 DVI.


With my HD6870 I needed to buy an active DP->DVI so I could use the three monitors.


My newest monitor has a HDMI connection (and DVI), and the two old ones DVI connections. So, I have two options:


Buy a 390 with 2 DVIs  (MSI) and continue as now -> 2DVIs for old monitors, and maybe HDMI to HDMI or Active DP to DVI in the other monitor.


Buy a 390 with just 1 DVI (Gigabyte/Sapphire) -> 1DVI to DVI, 1 Active DP to DVI , 1 HDMI  to HDMI, this could be done? or it is better the other option?.


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