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    Windows 10 and switchable graphics


      Is there anyway to make switchable graphics work on the Windows 10 Insider Preview? Every time I try to install the Windows 8.1 15.6 beta drivers on my Lenovo Y40 I'm not able to access the "Configure Switchable Graphics" tool. My laptop just defaults to the Intel GPU instead. I know AMD is still working on Windows 10 drivers but I heard some people were able to get these drivers to work under the Windows 10 preview.

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          Both AMD and Micro$oft recommend using the drivers furnished by Microsoft for that particular version of the Preview. Issues with graphics should be reported to Microsoft. There have been other reports that the 'switchable' graphics are not working correctly on laptops.

          When Windows 10 is released, AMD will have drivers for it.

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              I'm also having a problem with my laptop. I'm using a LENOVO Z51. After I upgraded it into Windows 10 everything messed up, all the games that I'm playing are logging. The switchable graphic application are no longer working. I already tried upgrading my AMD Catalyst control center into the newest one but still I have no access on how to make appear or use the switchable graphics that I'm using before in the Windows 8.1. How am I going to resolved this? Can you please help me? Many thanks!

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              The solution that I found, is enter to the "Device Manager" -> "Display Adapters",

              right click on the adapter that you don't want to works and select "Disable".

              Now, the system will recognize only the Enabled adapter and works with it.

              I hope it will be helpful for you.