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AMD Radeon 6670 HD

Question asked by unknownperson on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by unknownperson

I am having a problem for the past few days. I have a AMD Radeon 6670 HD graphic card. Over the past few days whenever I try to run any games the PC hangs, freezes and I am forced to restart the PC. I have tried to look for every possible solution related and I tried out everything. After consulting many support I found out that it may be a hardware problem. I was told to use an application to check that out and I was told that my graphic card fan is not rotating properly or as required and hence its overheating causing the problems so mentioned. I removed the graphic card and cleaned it, dusted it and still having the same problem. I am attaching a few screenshots of my graphic card details as follows. Can someone please help ? Thanking in advanceabgg.jpg12333.jpg