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    390X on W10 tech preview


      Dear AMD,


      I just got my hands on your lovely 390X MSI edition but I cannot use it. Why? I have Windows 10 Tech Preview 10130 installed and when using the provided 3XX drivers on your website it does not want to install the Display Drivers as can be seen in the attached picture. I have tried to install the drivers through updating the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and point it to the extracted drivers but it just says that the latest recommended driver has already been installed. I tried the BETA drivers but apparently the info is right, they don't support the 3XX series (which I find quite weird) but it does install the display drivers! But the screen turns blank...


      I tried your auto detect tool, and it "detects" that I have a 290X. If I install that the screen turns blank. I have tried the 3XX drivers in compatibility mode, it finds the drivers in the list(!) but it gets an error when trying to install them...


      I have tried to disable digital signature enforcement but no difference... I am at a total loss here. in GPU Z I can see that it is a genuine 390X due to the specs the "basic adapter" has and I bought the card from a genuine and trusted retailer so there should be no problem. My only guess is that the drivers are yet not adapted to Windows 10... Please advice! And installing Windows 8 or 7 is not an option as I do not have a USB boot for them.