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Driver Crashing?

Question asked by chocolatenipz on Jun 22, 2015

So I built my first PC on Friday and all the latest drivers were installed on Saturday and it was all ready to go. I was playing Minecraft, Skype and Steam running in the back when all of a sudden I thought I hit a huge lag spike but Minecraft closed. at the bottom right corner of my screen it told me that the driver had stopped working and that the problem had been resolved. I was about try to open Minecraft up again but then the blue screen of death opened up and the computer restarted back up on the Safe Mode screen. I thought the driver was gonna be OK but 20 minutes later it happened again. I checked and I do have the latest Driver for My R9 280 Sapphire Dual- X card. Intel Core i3-4370, Sapphire Radeon R9 280, Thermaltake VL80001W2Z - System Build - PCPartPicker  That's my build just in case you ask.

1. Desktop

2. WIndows 7 64-bit

3. i3-4370 (3.8 ghz)

4. R9 280 Dual-X Sapphire

5. 14.5 (I think it is the newest AMD offers)

6. 8 GB

7. EVGA 750 W

8. Can't over clock CPU but no overclock on anything.

9. Yesterday, Sunady, 6/21/2015 Happy Father's Day!

10. Try to install new drivers if any? Other than that I turned off computer and haven't tried to play any games. Only happened twice and it was while running the game Minecraft. I also play League of Legends but it never crashed while playing that game. I ran Minecraft for about 4 hours. League ran for about 2.

11. Don't know what DXdiag is...

Thank You! I bought new games on Steam and I hoped this can somehow be resolved.

Thank You! Again.