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R9 290 and R9 290x in Crossfire MultiMonitor DCP (sound crackling) thread

Question asked by terrace on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by wybrem

Foreword: If you have this problem in addition to replying to this thread please consider sending in a ticket to AMD as ray_m has confirmed issues are dealt with in the order of volume of people who have the issue sending in tickets (one per person ofcourse)


You have this problem if you can follow these steps to get the same result every time, if you need to do something else to DCP problems then you might consider making another thread:


  1. Set the computer with multiple monitors to extended desktop mode with crossfire enabled.
  2. Turn on any one third party program with sound that isn't a game (E.g. Internet Radio, MP3, Video File)
  3. Run a game in fullscreen with Vsync on


You should now be getting crackling and speed warping in the sound from the program and game. Here are the current solutions, none of them ideal


  1. Turn of Crossfire entirely or for the game with a profile, you can even do this with the game running by alt-tabbing and it will instantly be fixed
  2. Find the games options and turn Vsync off, again you can do this while the game is running and your sound will be ok straight away
  3. close the game and run your desktop in Eyefinity Desktop Mode and start all processes again, All the problem will be gone


I've also been told you can unplug the monitors start the game and then plug the monitors in as a fix but plugging in monitors whilst the computer is running isn't something I do.

Now one thing you should immediate take away from this is that there isn't anything wrong with your hardware, period. why? because if you can run in Eyefinity Desktop mode without the problems it cannot be the cards or the cables or the monitors and must be something in the way the driver software handles things. I've also had crossfire 6970's and 7970's on these monitors and cables with no problem, its purely a R9 290 and R9 290x issue. Once again reply to the thread but send them tickets in.