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    Radeon 390 and OS X


      With the announcement of these new cards, I finally have a new option to consider in getting an upgrade for my Mac Pro. Here’s the thing: ATI doesn’t seem to want to support OS X for cards purchased after the fact. I understand that Mac Pro users are a fairly small market–those of us who upgrade our GPUs after the fact smaller still–but nVidia offers OS X drivers for its 9xx series cards, and that would let me get a GTX 970 to replace my Radeon 4870 that has served me well for so many years.


      Here’s the thing: You guys are offering 8 gigs of vRAM. And yeah, I’ll have to compare performance once you actually start giving the 390 out to reviewers, but your card is looking like the right choice for me... except you don’t support my OS. At least, you don’t with your 2xx cards. That means I’d have to ignore your products entirely.


      So what’s the skinny? Are you planning to make OS X drivers for the 390? If so, you can mark me down for one on the day they’re launched. If not, it’s hello GTX 970.


      Thanks for the info!