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295x2 PowerPlay (Throttling) when disabling Crossfire

Question asked by novastar78 on Jun 22, 2015

I have a 295x2 and notice that when I disable CF in the 3D Application settings and only use 1 GPU the clock speed is constantly throttled from 300 MHz to full speed depending on load. i'd like to have a stable clock speed during game play so that the frame rate stays as smooth as possible.


In CF mode both GPU's stay at 1018 MHz properly.


Is there any way to fix this without resorting to using MSI Afterburner and disabling PowerPlay? The MSI route works but ends up breaking the powerplay in the driver eventually and will allow the GPU's to ramp up to 1018 without any load. I end up having to resort to a system restore at that point.


Any thoughts?