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Grand Theft Auto V Texture Problems

Question asked by daerennn on Jun 22, 2015

I'm currently running a laptop with AMD A10-4600M with Radeon HD Graphics.

I've installed the latest Drivers with the AMD Catalyst Auto-detect tool.

I've bought GTA V recently and the initial gameplay was flawless and the FPS was great too, running on the lowest settings ofcourse.

Until a few days ago, textures started appearing and disappearing and FPS would drop randomly too.

Did some researching and found other card companies like Nvidia having new driver updates for most of their cards to suit GTA V's needs

Went onto AMD, only to find the new AMD 15.5 catalyst supported for only a few products.

I sincerely hope that AMD would come up with some updates of sort for the A10-4600M to run games like GTA V well..

I know this is an old product but afterall, it's still a product of AMD, right?

I hope that there's still hope.