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Driver mess in new Laptop (Intel HD5000+AMD r5 M330)

Question asked by petezsky123 on Jun 22, 2015



I just bought a Lenovo laptop with:

Intel Core i3-5005U (Intel HD Graphics 5500)

AMD Radeon R5 M330


Installed windows 7 and it detected only the intel hd. AMD is detected as video controller with yellow mark.

Every time i try to install AMD drivers i get "Install Package Failure"


Heres what i've tried (with formats inbetween):

Installing drivers with windows update: Intel hd installs fine, no updates for amd. ("Install Package Failure")

Installing every driver for my specific model from lenovo site. (""Install Package Failure")

Installing newest drivers from Intel/AMD.(""Install Package Failure")

Using 3rd party driver installer like driver pack solution (It doesnt recognize the hardware id and their database search doesnt match anything, older versions of DPS match it as HD 8600 or something)


Hardware id of the "video controller"






Please help!