AMD drivers don't recognize minecraft/other OpenGL games?

Discussion created by v0latil3 on Jun 21, 2015
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Well I think I messed something up and the issue is something wrong with my minecraft. The other games must have been FPS limits I was not aware of.

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I recently bought an r9 290x, and am very pleased with its performance. I am having a problem with minecraft where I get low fps around 20-30 fps on both modded and vanilla minecraft, when I would get upwards of 100 fps with my old nvidia gtx 650. Googling for a solution I have found that this is a common problem with high end AMD GPUs and minecraft. This seems to be because the driver does not recognize minecraft as a game and does not kick the card into some kind of performance mode. The card sits at low clock frequencies and never goes above 25% load. The card is not throttling due to overheating. I have tried many solutions:

  • changing various minecraft settings
  • adding java to CCC applications
  • overclocking
  • I have 64 bit java
  • increase/decrease minecraft ram allocation

My cpu is not keeping minecraft bound, and this seems to be definitely an AMD problem. Is this a known issue by AMD and is there a solution or planned driver update for this?

It is really frustrating having this problem with a high end GPU and seeing so many others' problems on the internet being dismissed as "java is slow" or "minecraft is cpu bound" or other unhelpful responses.

I hope this can be resolved with keeping my new card.