Will Fury X support Chroma Subsampling to enable 4K@60hz on HDMI 1.4’s 8.16Gbps bandwidth limit.

Discussion created by xavi31b on Jun 20, 2015

Will Fury X support Chroma Subsampling to enable 4K @ 60hz on HDMI 1.4’s 8.16Gbps bandwidth limit?


I was disappointed by the lack of Native HDMI 2.0 port on the Fury lineup as it crushes my dreams of replacing my GTX 780 with it to drive my Vizio 4K 50" TV.


However I have the GTX 780's and they also have HDMI 1.4 and I am using them right now to play at 4k 60hz since they use what is called Chroma Subsampling which outputs a single with 4:2:0 color information instead of 4:4:4. nVidia enabled this feature via drivers and I was wondering if the AMD Furys can do the same.


It is a trick and not true 4:4:4 support but I gotta say that for gaming it works like a charm and If the Fury can do it too I will definitely buy it to upgrade.


My other option is the EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid and it costs 120$ more than the Fury X ( I need a card with AIO cooler; tropical climate is a killer )


Also atm there are no DP 1.2a > HDMI 2.0 adapters for sale and what is the point if in the end itll cost me as much as the 980ti hybrid. might as well go with the 980ti and gain 2 more gb of vram.


Chroma Subsampling would make me buy a Fury X over the 980ti, at least for my uses.


Story on the NVidia chroma subsampling: NVIDIA Kepler Cards Get HDMI 4K@60Hz Support (Kind Of)