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    old vista drivers


      I am disappointed that AMD does not have old Vista drivers available anymore, would have been helpful for the refurbishing of an old machine


      so far I have been able to get drivers for 2400 and up but i need one more series back and its not been easy


      found driver back to 8.2 but that driver did not unpack anything, the 32-bit had something but the 64-bit was empty


      9.2 appears to have the components I need for x1200, but so far not been easy at all to find, 99% sites have malicious or worse misrepresentations


      to be honest I do not understand why AMD cannot post all the old drivers for those with machines that need refurbishing


      so there we have another vista logo problem

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          got it working with 9.2 but a minor error message from the unneeded catalyst app, but now that the driver is present, the machine works drastically better


          it would have been nice if 9.2 in a download are here, or better on windows update. the x1200 is basic, wddm 1.0 is on par with Intel more recent integrated stuff, machine runs office and chrome


          at least now the machine is 100% up and running and ready to go to work


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              " the x1200 is basic, wddm 1.0 is on par with Intel more recent integrated stuff" I don't think so. Nowhere near.

              This is a generation one (1) integrated Intel 3000 against you know who > Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000 Performance - The Sandy Bridge Review: Intel Core i7-2600K, i5-2500K and Core i3-2100 Tested



              Or you can go here and look at the fourth, fifth , and sixth generation (HD4600=HD6200) > PassMark Software - Video Card (GPU) Benchmark Charts


              Either way.....

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                  I was not pursuing benchmarking so much as getting basic functionality working. I recall the basic windows driver recognized the GPU but still did not configure the LC properly. That was a problem that needed to be corrected, now the machine sleeps properly the 80 PLUS has been restored.


                  I put the GPU-Z screenshot up, as you can see the logic is limited so I am not expect anything but basic desktop GDI class capability with basic capability for modern apps.


                  The CPU has SSE3 but SSE2 is all that x64 needs for 64-bit programming, but the reason I am using 64-bit Windows is so I can use the 4096MB of memory more easily.


                  I have always liked more RAM for Windows mostly because SSD costs and capacity was away from my specs. I recall some media story that even AMD was looking to get into the SSD market, but I have not seen anything on eBay or other etailer yet.


                  The old notebook evidently does have a pre-n adapter option, but I was surprised that the wireless-g actually is not that bad connected to a wireless- or wireless-ac box. WIndows sees it on the USB bus, but I have not found a service manual, I did however find a user guide.