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290x (Still Negative Crossfire Scaling)

Question asked by misko1546 on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by misko1546

Hey ppl,


I am still having issues with crossfire for my 290x CF. I have tried the fixes suggested by amd as well as people on the web but no luck.

I am able to run the game all ultra and distant foliage at high and i get 55-90 fps with a single 290x (this includes tessellation fix for amd and hairworks)


Turning the second gpu on and I get 40-50 fps no matter what settings I use, it cant go above 50fps. My little brothers computer who is running a 6990 also lags.

Before the drivers were released I thought yep need drivers for CF. I tried new drivers on that setup as well and same performance, very bad even on all low, game is at 30-40 FPS on all low on that

system and a 6990 is not a bad card and should be able to handle the game on high.


I have a 5820k CPU, maybe can be a driver glitch with a particular cpu.


Any help is much appreciated, thanks.