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Catalyst keeps telling me to update driver!

Question asked by rik72c on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by kingfish

I'm using HP G4 which comes with AMD Radeon. For months I've installed driver downloaded from HP website (AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver [8.933.3.4000]) until today I notice that catalyst recommend me to update and install new version of driver.


I installed Catalyst installer which I download from Catalyst itself (14.12). After it finished installing, the resolution became 800x600 and it kept telling me to download the latest version, so I download it from the website (14.12)... same thing. After installing it again, it told me the latest version is available (14.12!!!!). I repeat installing drivers until 3 hours later. It stopped telling me to update, now told me to update Intel GPU instead. I did and then restart.


I open Catalyst and "AMD Catalyst control center cannot be started", I browse on the internet and people said to install Catalyst again. I did. And It comes back to the first step. Download the latest version (14.12!!!!!!). 6 hours has passed, I'm still installing this driver. I was NVidia user for 14 years and never have this much problem installing graphic driver.


What do I do?....... Please don't tell me to download the latest version....