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amd overdrive possible bug? cpu overdrive resetting on restart, buttons not consistent: windows scheduler, power settings

Question asked by soulstealer on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by soulstealer

so, it seems i have a little problem here, not sure where it comes from but i have a suspicion.


ive applied cpu overdrive recently on my windows 7 installation and found out that in the amd overdrive section, the cpu button seems to be disabled, although it is enabled and can be modified in its particular sub menu. basically it is enabled and active via its sub menu, but in the overview section it is being shown as unavailable and disabled.






since ive applied these two patches, amd cpu overdrive becomes disabled and reset to default speed on every reboot.


An update that selectively disables the Core Parking feature in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 is available


An update is available for computers that have an AMD FX, AMD Opteron 4200, AMD Opteron 6200, or AMD Bulldozer series pr…


anyone knows how to fix this? uninstalling the patches, reinstalling catalyst does not help. it seems the microsoft patches make some changes to the power profile and scheduler that maybe cannot be reverted. i think though it should be possible to make the control center override these.