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    Black screen/max speed fan all games except GTA V


      hello english is not my native language so i'll do my best here, so i have been using a radeon HD 5870 (old i know but still decent) for a while  now, almost a year, it have worked GREAT until now.... As the title says i'm getting the horrible black screen/max speed fan thing, in all games except GTA V so the only thing i can relate it to is the beta driver update i got for the gta V launch, everything was nice. Before that,  at that moment i thought it was an overheating problem so i downloaded afterburner to increase the fan speed... And it worked! All games ran without issues..... Time passed by everything was fine now the problem is back but worse, now it happens even with the fan speed increase from the afterburner tool.. The interisting part is... GTA V its working perfect! Wtf? I can Play gta all day without issues but if i play any other game call it mortal kombat x or shadow of mordor, i get the black screen after a few minutes of playing...as if the card was overheated but! I have never seen it go above 80 degree,  AND it works perfect with GTA V.... Is it possible that the updates they made for gta in the beta driver ruined everything else for me? anyone with same or similar problem? Should i downgrade to a older driver? If so,. What version?    what confuses me about all this is the fact that gta v works perfect