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AMD R9 280 Dual-x - Artifacts (when will this stop)

Question asked by iamjonnytrickz on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by iamjonnytrickz

Hey guys,


So since I've been using my R9 280 dual-x, I've been having issues with artefacts whilst gaming and it's come to the point where I won't game at all because of it. There's no general solution and it needs to be resolved once and for all. I purchased a good card to enjoy gaming on my setup and it's been problem after problem.



- Artefacts

- Driver stops responding


This is the first time I've used AMD, even though I've never had an issue with Nvidia, I think AMD can fix this, it's just so frustrating that there's no solutions so I had to post!

How can I fix the issue and enjoy gaming the way it's supposed to be enjoyed.